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Bubba Kush


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BudZone – Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush: the strain that can cure a sweet tooth, that tastes like candy,  has a smell that makes you drool. This strain can ease your mind with just simply a whiff of your stash. Take one hit and you will notice an earthy, almost piney aroma hiding beneath that sweet fruity flavour. The history of this strain is traced back to the Kush Mountains, however, the full history is still otherwise unknown. What we do know is this strain is 100% indica. The number of trichomes and resin makes touching this bud similar to touching bubblegum. Sticky, sweet, and downright blissful Bubba Kush has bright green and purple nugs that are covered in fiery orange hairs.


High: This is definitely not a strain for during the day. Unless you work graveyard shifts, then, by all means, spark it up! Your body, specifically your brain, is going to be more than relaxed.

Health: People who use Bubba Kush to medicate have seen improvements in regards to their symptoms of insomnia, depression, stress, as well as ADD. You may find relief of any mental, physical, or neuropathic pain symptoms.


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