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BudZone – Nuken

Nuken is the result of crossing God Bud and Kish (breeding two Shishkaberry plants). A true heavy-duty indica with a smell so fresh it livens the senses. Think pine and earth.  If you have the opportunity to try this strain properly grown, you will experience THC levels that skyrocket to over 25%.

Born and bred in Canada, you will feel completely at ease. Say goodbye to any type of pain as you drift off into a hazy, thought-sparking, body-buzzing state of overall relaxation. Because of the high THC levels and trace amounts of CBD this is a great strain to ease any type of pain. Taking a large dose prior to bed will ensure a restful night’s sleep without interruption.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Nuken

  1. Shawn

    Nuken…. emphasis on the nuke.
    Since trying this strain, it has become one of my favorites. Like the name suggests
    this stuff is bomb. Lock up your fridge.
    Serious appetite stimulant.
    And restful.

  2. Carl McKay

    oldsklcronik This strain has a distinct flavor. The feeling from Nuken left me with a heavy body buzzzzzz.

  3. will

    Slow start, did not seem very strong, after 10-15 min you feel relaxed and seem to have a light weight on your eyelids, this allows you to look just how you feel, the intencity begins to ease and you should be nice and tucked into your bedfor a nice peaceful slumber.

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