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Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil)

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BudZone – Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil)

Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil) is a special cannabis extract that is ideal for people suffering for severe pain, cancer, or many other medical issues.

500mg THC.  Indica blend

Phoenix Tears, also known as Rick Simpson oil. The term “Rick Simpson Oil – RSO” refers to extremely potent decarboxylated extracts produced from strong sedative Indica strains, which have THC levels in high ranges.

Phoenix Tears, also known as Rick Simpson oil is a harmless, non-addictive natural medication is said to be able to treat some of the most pharmaceutically prescribed ailments in North America today such as cancer, MS, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammations, skin conditions, blood pressure, any condition involving mutating cells, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many any other medical issues.

We recommend people to squeeze out a small amount the size of a grain of rice, and to let it dissolve underneath your tongue.

Typically this oil has a minimum of 500mg of THC per 1mL dispenser.

Weight: 1g

Indica blend

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1 review for Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil)

  1. iamthesong (verified owner)

    We use for almost every ailment, excellent quality.

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