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February 14, 2018
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Purple Candy


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BudZone – Purple Candy

Purple Candy is a hybrid with an impressive 20% THC content. The flavour of this strain is fruity and sweet. Think drizzling grapes with honey. The aroma is tantalizing like candy with minor floral undertones. The buds are a beautiful blend of purple and bright green. Covering these dense nugs are fiery hairs and sparkling trichomes.

High:  This is definitely a strain best saved for bedtime or a time when you have no adulting to be doing.  Very much a stone for the body, you will feel a calming sensation sweep over you within the first few hits. When used without moderation you may experience an intense urge to eat.

Health: Because of its indica background this strain can treat eating disorders, depression, and anxiety as well as physical conditions such as back pain, nerve tension, and muscle spasms.

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